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I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to enthusiastic viewers. There are many art student that look past newgrounds for one reason or another. I, personally, think its bullshit. Its rare to find an international young community that is as into animation as you guys are. That's why I decided to become a part of Newgrounds. You guys have been the cause of my first experience with having anyone but my close friends see my work. Many of you have supported me on youtube as well as on here in these first few days even. So thank you. I want to give you guys more soon.
Along with planning another short for Fisthead to star in, I may do a few "bloopers" that will act as little bits of fisthead to satisfy your appetites momentarily.
I will most likely post fisthead (as well as other art of mine) up here soon, but until then check out my art blog where I post information and pictures/videos of my original artwork.

also, I wanted to say that my voice actor may make a newgrounds soon. but until then he is looking to work with people. If you want a great voice actor and a really funny dude, message Matt at

thanks for the views so far and stay metal


Thanks for the enthusiastic support!